And just like that it is Sunday : gloomy Sunday, rain and cold

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God I am grateful I have roof with heat, where I can leave my belongings, where I can have access to basic human necessities. Thank you. I am grateful and do  not take it for granted. 8:00pm Candle lighted up. 

November the blue season. 


« The day I will have to provide from myself and be scattered somewhere ointment the world will not feel same level of safe I believe. No legacy ? Would be my soul and I believe. Can me myself and I survive the adversity of blank walls and silence ? I doubt that. » she said.

« I would be curious to see a drawing of the construction progress

In my opinion it is low and has stopped so far. And it has been 3 years now. » she said.

« Life is temporary indeed » 

« Life is temporary indeed »

A human being said that

An addition is the following quote : « le dé-membrement sociale. » she said. It is all the a thing. Easily applyable, applicable on someone sadly.


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